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Indie Maker Projects

Curated list of projects we like / use from other Indie Makers, we hope you’ll help support and encourge them with their projects


Ship projects, get feedback, and stay productive – together. Created by @matteing


Just easy-to-use software for pet sitters, walkers, trainers and groomers. Spend more time on what you. Created by @NikolayStrikhar

GG| Video Game Tracker

Track your gaming collection, defeat your backlog, and share your thoughts with the world! Created by @SirCharlesW727


Vlogging startup journey together. We’re a community for indie hackers. Each video is up to 2 minutes. Let’s share our journey together. Created by @xianmingchen

Nightingale REST Client

Friends don’t let friends use RAM-hungry dev tools. Nightingale is a REST client that uses just 50MB. See for yourself and download now for free! Created by @kid_jenius

Leave Me Alone App

See all of your spam, newsletters, and subscription emails in one place and unsubscribe from them with one click. Privacy-focused, open, and transparent. Created by @dinkydani21 : @JamesIvings


Software developers get great projects with zero regrets. Created by @helengriffinjr

UI Design Daily

UI Resources and Inspiration. Created by @Ildiesign


Build and run your apps, your way. Created by @joshmanders



Eco-friendly candles poured by hand in Saint Louis. Created by @diannamallen
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