Introducing: Team Vile

by | Nov 21, 2019 | Vile

🎮 International eSports Fortnite Team.

Krazier is the new owner of Team Vile an International ESport Fortnite Organization working towards building a Pro Team and competing in upcoming tournaments..

In October of 2019 we acquired Team Vile, at the time it was mostly just the brand and social accounts that were left after the team had all but fell apart. eSports is a massively growing sport and acquiring Team Vile was a logical step for us to get into the sport quickly. Since October we have been bringing on all new players of all skill level, we’ve cleaned up the branding, built a website, setup a Discord server and started building a new foundation to become an elite gaming oranization. In 2020 we’ll focus more on recruiting high-end gamers for a Pro team/s, expanding beyond Fortnite into many of the other competitive games. We’ll be launching a line of merchandise and looking for sponsors to help the team grow and succeed. We have lots to do, but the future looks promising!
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