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Sunshine Social: Early Bird Lifetime Access

Sunshine Social: Early Bird Lifetime Access

We acquired Sunshine.Social back in August of 2019. Since then we added some minor upgrades to the site and then ultimately shut the site down for several reasons. Today we are working to bring it back better than ever!


When we acquired Sunshine Social, it was a simple social network in which you only saw posts by those who you followed and you only saw one post at a time. You then had to decide what kind of action to take on each post (like it, comment on it or just skip it), the idea was to reduce the constant noise you find on other networks like Twitter.

In theory this is a pretty interesting idea, but after exploring the site deeper and discussing the future of the platform. It was clear this concept wasn’t going to work very well, the interactions would become very tedious if you follow a lot of people, plus, who wants yet another social network? We decided to step back from it for nearly a year, debating how and if it was worth it to move forward.

 This is basically what the site looked like before we stopped pushing out updates…

Sunshine Social

A New Beginning

After many months, lots of ideas and no progress; we finally decided to make a new service, from the ground up but it needed to be fairly simple and quick to build.

Sunshine Social is going to be a place for you to organize all of your social media, websites, blog posts and other links into a centralized location. This will allow you to share just one link, or link to one comprehensive page from your various social media profile settings so people can easily discover and follow or connect with you across all your social profiles and services.

As an example, here at we build lots of different SAAS products which means we have lots of links to share and keep track of. To give you some perspective here are some stats for you, we have…

  • Twitter Accounts: 21
  • Instagram Accounts: 14
  • Facebook Pages: 25
  • LinkedIn Pages: 8
  • Websites: 50+

To be fair, we are not necessarily super active on all these accounts but we use a lot of them. If you have looked at the homepage of, it sort of acts like our “central” location for a bunch of our services. It works but it could be better and more interesting, and that is the purpose of Sunshine Social.

Sunshine Social Early Bird

Phase One

We are actually still building out the full site at the moment, but just recently launched a new landing page for early pre-registrations.

The full service will likely cost between $6 & $8 per month once we go live, with an annual option as well (I think). With that said, our “Early Bird Lifetime Access” is priced at only $24, for lifetime access!. If this service looks useful to you, it will be well worth spending the money now on the early bird special.

Get Lifetime Access

Not only do you get a great price, you will also receive some additional features…

  • Larger Tile Size
  • Custom Profile Background
  • Multiple Collections
  • Remove Footer Icon Bar
  • All Future Features

We’ll be continually adding new features, but want to start with the basics first and grow from there. So that list above will continue to grow and you won’t have to pay to get the new features.

We are not quite ready to show off the main UI and UX for the app, but here are some screenshots of some areas we are working on at the moment…

This first image is part of our onboarding process, we all have a lot of social accounts that often have the same or similar usernames. This screen will allow you to very rapidly add all those usernames in on some of the more popular social networks…

Socials Quick Access

This next image is similar to the one above, but is intended for more fine tuned additions of what we call “Flares”. We will have 30+ different services and options you can add to your profile page when we launch.

Social Flares

This final image roughly shows how the add/edit Flare screen will look like, this will of course change based on the type of Flare you are adding, the goal is to keep it as simple and easy to use as possible.

Flare Settings


 As I mentioned above, we have lots of SAAS projects, companies and social accounts. It doesn’t really make sense to group all these links into one big section on a page. It really makes sense to be able to break them up into different sections or as we call them “Collections”.

Pro accounts will be able to add as many collections as they wish, with as many links within each one as they choose as well. Here are some examples of how we are using collections, you’ll be able to name each collection how you see fit…

This is where I keep all my personal profiles, like my personal Twitter profile, my Facebook page, my LinkedIn page, my website, etc. Basically anything that relates to me personally, not one of my businesses.
This is where I would add links for our Retrospect Team website.

Home Pro Partners
Again, this is where we would add links for that website.

Wild Fox Painting
I also own and run a house painting company, so I would add relevant links to that service in this collection.

And so on and so forth. Sunshine Social will be great for people like us (Indie Makers) who have lots of accounts, services and websites.

Phase Two

When we go live with the actual new site, this will be our Phase 2. We’ll have more to discuss, more to show and you’ll be able to start creating your Sunshine Social profile. For now, get your Pro Lifetime Access!

Get Lifetime Access

Introducing: Sunshine Social

Introducing: Sunshine Social

🔆 Sunshine Social is a community focused on user content within a streamlined user experience.

On July 27th, 2019 we reached out to Dalton Edwards on Twitter regarding his announcement that he was interested in selling off his side project: Sunshine Social – after a short discussion, Krazier decided to acquire the site.

We see a huge opportunity to build an interesting community in a distraction free environment. Since acquiring the site just a few weeks ago, we have already made some significant improvements.

  • Added awesome Dark Mode that we call “Sunset”
  • Refined Colors
  • Converted to Bootstrap 4
  • Cleared Comment Form on Submission
  • Fixed disappearing posts.
  • Redesigned Status Card layout.
  • Added Comment Counts
  • Added Notifications
  • Removed redundant labels
  • Added Timestamps
  • Refined Font Sizes
    Refined Profile Card
  • Added Ability to Delete Account / Content
  • and lots of other refinements…

Sunshine is to a point that it’s a viable community with a solid experience and growing user-base, the next step is to step back and re-evaluate everything and start making plans for a full rebuild over the coming months.

We’ll have a lot more to share over the coming months, if you are interested in shaping the community, we encourage you to come join us! Visit Sunshine Social