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10X Planner Template

10X Planner Template

Today we excited to launch our first new Board Template since the site went live, we are adding in a “10X Planner” board template to help you schedule your day and reach your goals.

What is a 10X Planner? It’s a daily planner created by Grant Cardone to help you to be 10X more times productive by scheduling your day into small, obtainable goals. If you are interested in a non-digital version I’d suggest going to his site and buying his hard-copy version. Visit Site… (We are not affiliated)

👊 is a simple Kanban styled Retrospective Tool for teams to quickly collaborate on post sprints and project feedback.

The screenshot below shows what an actual 10X Planner looks like in printed form, we have taken this format and matched it as closely as possible to achieve the same effect…

It’s super easy to create your first 10X Planner on Retrospect…

  1.  Create an account or login at
  2. Click the Plus (+) in the header or click on “New Board” from your “My Boards” page.
  3. In the “Create New Board” dialog, enter the title of your new board, we suggest using the current date so you can keep them ordered nicely for reference later.
  4. Select “10X” Planner” from the “Template” drop-down, and click “Create Board”
  5. Then simply start editing all the cards to fill in the details you need for your day.
  6. Done!

Create your first 10X Planner at

The screenshot below shows what a blank 10X Planner Board looks like. From here, you can edit each card and in your tasks for each time range, enter your goals and other Journal entries, and when you are done with each card, simply move it to the “Completed” column so you can keep track of where you are in your day (Or if you like the format, just delete the Completed column and leave the cards where they are now.)

If you don’t have any private information on your daily plan, you could consider sharing the board for others to see what you accomplish each day and get support from your friends. Simply use the “Shareable Public Link” option under the “Visibility Settings” tab. NOTE: Other users will be able to edit your shared board, unless you upgrade to our paid plan where you can then access the Board Permission settings to disable editing. 

We hope you enjoy this new template and are able to be 10X more productive!

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Introducing: Sunshine Social

Introducing: Sunshine Social

🔆 Sunshine Social is a community focused on user content within a streamlined user experience.

On July 27th, 2019 we reached out to Dalton Edwards on Twitter regarding his announcement that he was interested in selling off his side project: Sunshine Social – after a short discussion, Krazier decided to acquire the site.

We see a huge opportunity to build an interesting community in a distraction free environment. Since acquiring the site just a few weeks ago, we have already made some significant improvements.

  • Added awesome Dark Mode that we call “Sunset”
  • Refined Colors
  • Converted to Bootstrap 4
  • Cleared Comment Form on Submission
  • Fixed disappearing posts.
  • Redesigned Status Card layout.
  • Added Comment Counts
  • Added Notifications
  • Removed redundant labels
  • Added Timestamps
  • Refined Font Sizes
    Refined Profile Card
  • Added Ability to Delete Account / Content
  • and lots of other refinements…

Sunshine is to a point that it’s a viable community with a solid experience and growing user-base, the next step is to step back and re-evaluate everything and start making plans for a full rebuild over the coming months.

We’ll have a lot more to share over the coming months, if you are interested in shaping the community, we encourage you to come join us! Visit Sunshine Social

Introducing: Team Vile

Introducing: Team Vile

🎮 International eSports Fortnite Team.

Krazier is the new owner of Team Vile an International ESport Fortnite Organization working towards building a Pro Team and competing in upcoming tournaments..

In October of 2019 we acquired Team Vile, at the time it was mostly just the brand and social accounts that were left after the team had all but fell apart. eSports is a massively growing sport and acquiring Team Vile was a logical step for us to get into the sport quickly. Since October we have been bringing on all new players of all skill level, we’ve cleaned up the branding, built a website, setup a Discord server and started building a new foundation to become an elite gaming oranization. In 2020 we’ll focus more on recruiting high-end gamers for a Pro team/s, expanding beyond Fortnite into many of the other competitive games. We’ll be launching a line of merchandise and looking for sponsors to help the team grow and succeed. We have lots to do, but the future looks promising!
Introducing: NerdFeedr

Introducing: NerdFeedr

🤓 Discover Remote Designers & Developers for short-term projects. NerdFeedr helps connect creative and technical professionals with clients seeking short-term, remote experts.
In 2018 we launched NerdFeedr as a simple service for finding freelance, remote designers and developers. The first version of the site was built using WordPress and was updated manually by us for every user on the site – this was tedious to say the least. In 2019, we decided to rebuild the site from the ground-up to be more self-managed and finally did a full relaunch on July 10th, 2019.

NerdFeedr now has these features…

  • Self Registration: Designers and Developers are now able to create and manage their own accounts!
  • Niche Focus: Members can join as a Designer or Developer, we’ve decided to focus on these two user-types rather than trying to be something for everyone.
  • Flexible Biography: We allow our members to create long, detailed bios to properly explain who they are and what they can do. We even include the ability to use Markdown for additional formatting.
  • Projects: Designers and Developers love to showcase the projects they have worked on over the years, we added projects to help them showcase their work but also for prospective clients to see some of their work.
  • Industry Rates: One thing we focused on was trying to prevent the “Race-to-the-bottom” pricing mentality you find on other services like UpWork. We have set a minimum rate of $35/hour rate expectation for our freelancers.
  • Direct Communication: We don’t try to hide who our freelancers are, we allow our members to use their full name, link to all their social media accounts, add links to their website and even GitHub profile. We want companies to find talent that fit their needs, if we hide who our members are then it’s harder to get to know them and understand their process and skill sets.
  • Variable Time-frames: Our freelancers typically have a set number of available hours to work per week, many projects require only a part-time person. This connection allows companies to hire people for the time the project requires, rather than 90+ day agreements like most recruitment firms.

Over the past few months, we have continued to gain new members and traffic to the site. We are eager to build additional features to help our members find work and have a long-lasting relationships with a new set of clients.

Are you a Design or Developer looking for additional work? Then you should come and create a freelancer profile on NerdFeedr.

Are you looking to hire some creative or technical talent for your project? Come take a look at all the freelancer profiles on NerdFeedr and find someone who might be a great fit.

Introducing: Retrospect Team

Introducing: Retrospect Team

👊 is a simple Kanban styled Retrospective Tool for teams to quickly collaborate on post sprints and project feedback.

Back on August 6th, 2018 we launched as a way to internally collaborate on projects and to do retrospectives. We had tried “” but it just didn’t have the fit and finish we were looking for and it seems to no longer be supported. We loved the simplicity of the tool though and set out to build our own version.

Retrospect team is very easy to use and can be used in many different ways…

Create a board, share it publicly or privately with your team members or friends, add cards and take action. Build any type of list you need, task list, list of resources, idea list and then share with the world for real-time collaboration.

Start a board with one of 5 templates: Retrospect, Star Fish Retrospect, Six Thinking Hats, ToDo’s or Pros and Cons. Then customize to meet your own needs.

You can create up-to 3 boards for free and if need you can upgrade to our unlimited plan and advanced board features for just $8/mo.

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